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BioBag - compostable and biodegradable, a revolutionary replacement for plastic film, for your business, home, farm or garden. Guaranteed not to last.

BioBag bags and films replace plastic film - manufactured from Mater-Bi; the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components such as GMO (GE) free cornstarch and biodegradable polymer. All grades are biodegradable and compostable.

BioBag may be disposed of in home composts, worm farms, used in organic farm production, food contact and may be included in animal feed, even sea creatures can digest BioFilm. All BioFilm including the inks or dyes are fully international certified to the standards listed below.

BioFilm is available from FRIENDLYPAK - exclusively biodegradable and compostable products, saving landfill, reducing waste costs, great for the environment and guaranteed not to last.

Products in the FRIENDLYPAK range include:
- POTATOPAK, plates bowls and trays made in NZ from Potato Starch all GE free food grade ingredients.
- TIMBER CUTLERY, manufactured from a sustainable renewable timber plantation grown for purpose.
- BIOFILM, bags and films that replace plastic film made mainly from corn starch all ingredients GE free.
- MAXAIR, bin and compostable bag lining is the worlds leading user-friendly system for collecting food scraps and reducing organic waste otherwise sent to land fill.
- BIOAGRI, mulch films that last one season, no need for collection after harvest. Film decompose into the soil, even certified for Organic farms or gardens
- BIODOG, it starts with a dog… and ends with clean parks. Compostable and biodegradable bags, safe, hygienic and a convenient way to follow your dog.
- BIOTOI, a portable toilet and bag system that replaces chemical toilets. Compact, light weight, no mess, no odor and chemical free.
- COTTON BAGS, organic GE free unprinted or printed with biodegradable food contact approved Inks.
- POPSTARCH, (like Pop Corn) a void or loose fill packaging protection made in NZ mainly from starch, replacing foam styrene chips.
- HOT CUPS, Plastic free and compostable, made from fully renewable resources, the hot water proof bio-polymer lining is derived from corn, manufactured in a greenhouse-gas-neutral process.

All film is fully international certified to the following standards:

AS - Australian Standard AS4736-2006.
BFA - Biological Farmers of Australia; Allowed Input 10539AI.
NASAA - The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia, allowed Input.
CEN - European Compostable Standard; EN-13432: 2000.
       - Belgium OK Compost EN 13432; Nr S-i1, Nr S-i3 and Nr S-i4
       - Belgium Printing Ink OK Compost EN 13432; Nr S-i2
       - Belgium Home OK Compost EN 13432
VGS - European VGS; Nr S-i5 and Nr S-i6
DIN CERTCO/IBAW - German Biodegradable and Compostable EN 13432 and DIN V 54900
       - German ASTM D6400 and Nr S-i7
BPI - Biodegradable Products Institute; USA ASTM D 6400
USA - Compostable Standard; D6400-99
        - USA Composting Council; Nr S-US1
        - USA California Law; SB 1749
Apple Certificate - Finland; EN 13432, Nr S-fi1
EK Certificate - Norway Safe for food packaging; EK Certificate Nr S-no1
NNAIS - Norway Recyclable into animal feed; NNAIS Nr S-no2
DEBIO - Norway Usable in Organic Production; DEBIO Nr S-no3
BPS - Japan Biodegradable Plastics Society; GreenPla



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